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During that time, one of the things I learned from Antonio Martínez was respect, keeping the word, speaking the truth, and that you must have a total focus to achieve your goals and dreams.

In June 2017, I reached my first level of Rank in the company and I earned a trip to the Greek islands leaving Venice.

In August 2017, we traveled for our first Julio Ayala cruise, this server and my wife, Madelyn Cruz. The most incredible thing about that cruise was that I met other Leaders who were already in the Club and even more, I met our CEO, Michael Hutch and Frank Codina. I was able to sit down with them, talk and listen personally to what was the vision and mission of the company, where we returned from that trip to give 100% of us.

Once we returned, in September 2017, not everything was easy. In Puerto Rico, they were preparing for the arrival of a hurricane. Hurricane Irma passed and ravaged and two weeks later, Hurricane Maria passed. It was a devastating hurricane, leaving the entire island in the dark, without water, without internet, without gasoline, without a telephone, without roads, many without food and without money.