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I learned to put Leader’s egos aside and start again. Antonio Martínez is the key person in all my success. It taught me to be focused, commitment, loyalty, speak the truth, have a posture and dare to do what you fear. He has taught me everything by example.

On March 31, 2017, I write to Antonio Martínez: Greetings, my name is Santiago Santiago and I want to do business with you. Antonio never sent me his referral link and never spoke to me about the business. Antonio Martínez sent me the blog of his page so that I knew him and knew who he is as a person and he was interested in getting to know me.

From Antonio Martínez I learned the importance of making the relationship first before the business or the opportunity.

On May 1, 2017, I start the project. I did not enter for the money I could earn, at first I entered to travel with my family more economically, since there are six of us. Still, I started recommending it to everyone. On the 12th of that same month, I mentioned it to my great friend and Leader, Julio Ayala. He was the first person to say yes, and today he is one of the highest performing leaders in Puerto Rico.

At the end of May, I receive a call from Antonio Martínez and in that call Antonio tells me that if we help him qualify for the second level of the company’s rank, with the thousand dollars of bonus he was going to earn, he would take a flight to Puerto Rico and it will help us build the business. I called Julio Ayala, we made a work plan and we managed to get Antonio Martínez to qualify.

Antonio Martínez arrived in Puerto Rico on June 23, 2017, fulfilling his promise, spending a month at my house showing me everything.