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I have learned a lot in the course of my growth and I want to share the following:


  • Great results require great responsibilities.Don’t accept excuses from anyone.

  • It is important to work as a team.

  • Help from the heart.

  • When you are genuine, everyone runs for your final goal.

  • Be grateful.

  • Celebrate every personal achievement of your team.

So far this year 2020, has been and will be historic. My daughter has improved a lot, I started conquering new markets, I have a business in 140 countries and growing more than 82,000 registrations. Thousands of people are benefiting from our Club, many already financially free and others growing professionally.

Today, Santiago Santiago makes history in the Network Marketing Industry, winning the hearts of the whole world for his charisma, loyalty, commitment and above all, for leading by example.

Santiago has become the greatest example of Leadership of the decade. All thanks to young leaders who have helped him to be better like Antonio Martínez, Jorge Torres, Agustín Bermejo and Julio Ayala. Thanks also to other leaders of his team like Orlando Orta, Aldo Lopéz and Sangwoo Lim.

If you have reached this point, we thank you for knowing this story and we leave you with one of the tips from Santiago Santiago:

Give love and love will return to you, seek a friend and help from the heart, but above all and most importantly, thank God every day of your life.

Many Blessings!