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In 2018, after 9 months and a hurricane that stopped us for 4 months, he reached the rank of Senior Marketing Director. Back then, I contacted a friend from Korea and offered him the opportunity without knowing the Korean language. I spent more than 4 months trying to explain the opportunity using the Google translator.

In February 2018, it is my third cruise. This time 43 people are leaving. Thanks to our purchasing power and our business model, I not only traveled in Adventure of the Seas, but I booked and stayed in the best room on the Ship, the Royal Suite. That week I was able to give my wife an unforgettable Valentine’s Day lifestyle.

In May 2018, I traveled to Korea for 20 days to visit my friend and help him build the business with Antonio Martínez. The best decision I have ever made. It was difficult, yes, but not impossible.