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In 2017, I meet InCruises, the best company in the world so far. This in my search to want to improve my lifestyle and that of my family. I have always considered that the best education I can give my children is through travel. My priority is to spend quality time with my family and educate them with cultures and traditions.

Given the situation that my Company is a person known on the radio and press, for the work done and contracts with them, I did not want to be involved in something illegal or fraudulent. I give myself the task of investigating the company for more than 3 months. Then I decide to enter and I could not do it because I had to be referred by someone in the Membership Club.

I start by searching the networks for someone that I understand was seriously doing the project and at that moment I find a 27-year-old boy from Valencia, Spain. Which already had business in 40 countries, without leaving his room, from his computer and cell phone.

At that moment I said to myself, what can that young boy teach me? I was 47 years old at the time.