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My History




My name is Santiago Santiago Colón. My family and friends call me “Chaguin”. I am from Puerto Rico. I was born on March 27, 1970, in the city of Ponce. We are 4 brothers, three females and one male. Being the second son of my parents, Judith Colón Echevarría and Santiago Santiago Vázquez.


From my childhood I can tell you that at the age of 4 I was about to die from a kidney condition, but God allowed me to live for a purpose that I did not understand and that was to be able to help people.


In my younger years, around 1979, I played all kinds of sports between ball, volleyball and basketball.


In mid-1982, my father started his communications tower installation business under the name Broadcast Towers Sales & Services.

Learned …

Over the course of those years I learned that my father’s salary as a middle school math teacher was not enough for him to live on and he had to find a second source of income. Having no one to leave me to take care of, on weekends, he would take me to work with him in his new company.


In May 1987, I graduated from high school. Then I continued my studies and in 1988 I graduated from Computer Programming. Back then I had the vision that the world would be dominated by computers and if I am sure of one thing it is that I am not mistaken. That same year I started a job in that field and the funny thing is that an employee of the company where I worked broke my dream of being a Computer Programmer.

I Learned

After that experience, I learned not to follow people who do not have the result you want.


By continuing to be active in sports, in 1989 I was awarded a university scholarship in the sport of volleyball and basketball. It is there, when I start my studies in the Quality Control branch.


That year was very special for me, since on May 6 I met my wife, Madelyn Cruz Padilla, today. The woman who has blessed me with my 4 beautiful children, Santiago V, Michael Adrián, Giovanni and my princess, Dakysha Lyann.


In that same year is when I know what the Market Network Industry is with a perfume company. To publicize and promote the product you had to go door to door.

Learned …

With that company, I learned that there was a way to generate passive income differently and not just work for someone else.


After two years, I left the university because my father needed me to help him in the tower company and I started working “full time” and with almost no pay.

Learned …

Working in the towers taught me how to make radical decisions, such as helping my family no matter how difficult the change is. Always put the family first and move on without excuses.


In 1993, I met the best billing company in the network marketing industry. Which I developed and worked with a lot of passion, but with few results.

Learned …

Back then I learned what the Educational System was, the importance of personal growth and the importance of relationships in business.


In 1994, my first son Santiago V Santiago Cruz was born and a year later we took a cruise. It was our first cruise and one of the countries I visited was Venezuela.

Learned …

On this trip I realized that the best way to travel is on a Cruise.


In 1997 my parents split up. That year was very strong because there I realized that I had worked all my life for free for my father. I understood why I had always looked for an opportunity to generate additional income and it was because I was the most who worked and there was no serious income.

Learned …

Thanks to my father I learned that to earn more money, I had to have my own business. That was the best teaching that my father gave me, but he forgot to tell me a detail and that is that he would always have to be a slave to the business to make it work.

Over the course of those years, I learned to make strong decisions and bought my father’s company.

Actually, it didn’t have to because I Managed it and the company was me. When buying the company, I had to pay my parents an incredible amount of money. I had to pay him $ 4,000 a month, each, for 7 years.

Learned …

There I learned to risk everything and bet on me, because I am the only one responsible for my success and that everyone told me not to.


In 1999, I had my highest results in the network marketing industry at a company called NSA. In this company, the leaders left me completely alone, forgotten, and never called me to tell me that they changed companies.

Learned …

With this experience I learned that I am the one who must take charge of the business, that I am the one who has to lead and not depend on my upline.


In 2004, I try marketing networks again, and this time with Quixtar. The new name for AMWAY. This is where I give myself the opportunity to return in search of that passive income.

Learned …

This time I learned to organize myself and to see the industry as a vehicle and above all, to love what I do.


In 2008, I met other Marketing Network companies with different products and Compensation plans. Trying everything, I met companies like Monavie, Free Life, Max International and various fraudulent schemes where all were lost.

Learned …

I learned that there were fraudulent companies, unscrupulous people, who just want to hurt and steal from people. In the same way I learned and met friends within good companies and we have made relationships so strong that they are part of the success I have today.


In 2012, I met a company that was one that I really loved and liked, it was called Solavei. Here I learned that there were companies within the service industry and they did not depend on physical products and I loved that. I was one of the company’s greatest leaders with certain results, but the company closed its doors with a phone call. Everything I had built for 3 years, I saw collapsed in a single call.

Learned …

It was not easy, but I learned not to drop and start again. I got stronger than ever in character.


In 2016, we were sold as cattle to a company called ACN by a top leader of the Solavei company. He chose our work team and offered it to that company.

Learned …

Here I learned my biggest lesson and that is that many network marketing companies buy leaders and offer you money and positions in exchange. They buy your dignity and your loyalty and that is the most I hate in this life, lies.

In this industry we must be faithful and ethical to our word. Do not sell loyalty and dignity for agreements or money. We must be good people to do good and we must do only one thing until we achieve it. You must be faithful to your people, not fail and do it with genuine love and not deceit. You must give love, a lot of love and above all, do it from the heart.


In 2017, I meet InCruises, the best company in the world so far. This in my search to want to improve my lifestyle and that of my family. I have always considered that the best education I can give my children is through travel. My priority is to spend quality time with my family and educate them with cultures and traditions.

Given the situation that my Company is a person known on the radio and press, for the work done and contracts with them, I did not want to be involved in something illegal or fraudulent. I give myself the task of investigating the company for more than 3 months. Then I decide to enter and I could not do it because I had to be referred by someone in the Membership Club.

I start by searching the networks for someone that I understand was seriously doing the project and at that moment I find a 27-year-old boy from Valencia, Spain. Which already had business in 40 countries, without leaving his room, from his computer and cell phone.

At that moment I said to myself, what can that young boy teach me? I was 47 years old at the time.

Learned …

I learned to put Leader’s egos aside and start again. Antonio Martínez is the key person in all my success. It taught me to be focused, commitment, loyalty, speak the truth, have a posture and dare to do what you fear. He has taught me everything by example.

On March 31, 2017, I write to Antonio Martínez: Greetings, my name is Santiago Santiago and I want to do business with you. Antonio never sent me his referral link and never spoke to me about the business. Antonio Martínez sent me the blog of his page so that I knew him and knew who he is as a person and he was interested in getting to know me.

From Antonio Martínez I learned the importance of making the relationship first before the business or the opportunity.

On May 1, 2017, I start the project. I did not enter for the money I could earn, at first I entered to travel with my family more economically, since there are six of us. Still, I started recommending it to everyone. On the 12th of that same month, I mentioned it to my great friend and Leader, Julio Ayala. He was the first person to say yes, and today he is one of the highest performing leaders in Puerto Rico.

At the end of May, I receive a call from Antonio Martínez and in that call Antonio tells me that if we help him qualify for the second level of the company’s rank, with the thousand dollars of bonus he was going to earn, he would take a flight to Puerto Rico and it will help us build the business. I called Julio Ayala, we made a work plan and we managed to get Antonio Martínez to qualify.

Antonio Martínez arrived in Puerto Rico on June 23, 2017, fulfilling his promise, spending a month at my house showing me everything.

Learned …

During that time, one of the things I learned from Antonio Martínez was respect, keeping the word, speaking the truth, and that you must have a total focus to achieve your goals and dreams.

In June 2017, I reached my first level of Rank in the company and I earned a trip to the Greek islands leaving Venice.

In August 2017, we traveled for our first Julio Ayala cruise, this server and my wife, Madelyn Cruz. The most incredible thing about that cruise was that I met other Leaders who were already in the Club and even more, I met our CEO, Michael Hutch and Frank Codina. I was able to sit down with them, talk and listen personally to what was the vision and mission of the company, where we returned from that trip to give 100% of us.

Once we returned, in September 2017, not everything was easy. In Puerto Rico, they were preparing for the arrival of a hurricane. Hurricane Irma passed and ravaged and two weeks later, Hurricane Maria passed. It was a devastating hurricane, leaving the entire island in the dark, without water, without internet, without gasoline, without a telephone, without roads, many without food and without money.

Learned …

Although these were not easy times, I learned that after the storm calm comes.

At that time my business of communication towers grew, I installed over 40 radio stations on the island, but nothing from my InCruises company, since we had no system, everything was endured. The incredible and shocking thing is that the company helped the partners who were at that time in the situation that the island of Puerto Rico was going through. That’s when I realized that this company had a heart.

The incredible thing is that when the internet came to the island, in November 2017, something amazing happened. I realized that all the other physical products companies on the island, within the network marketing industry, had lost everything. Many of these companies closed their warehouses and the leaders lost their ranks and qualifications. Instead, our company grew because it did not depend on a physical product.

That month we had our second cruise with 27 people, who enjoyed an incredible cruise for 7 days. Many of those people were still recovering from the losses caused by the hurricane and were enjoying our product, with all the comforts, thanks to our Membership Club.

Learned …

At that time, I learned the real value of our Cruise Product.

In December 2017, the business tripled. Being the most difficult month in the network marketing industry.


In 2018, after 9 months and a hurricane that stopped us for 4 months, he reached the rank of Senior Marketing Director. Back then, I contacted a friend from Korea and offered him the opportunity without knowing the Korean language. I spent more than 4 months trying to explain the opportunity using the Google translator.

In February 2018, it is my third cruise. This time 43 people are leaving. Thanks to our purchasing power and our business model, I not only traveled in Adventure of the Seas, but I booked and stayed in the best room on the Ship, the Royal Suite. That week I was able to give my wife an unforgettable Valentine’s Day lifestyle.

In May 2018, I traveled to Korea for 20 days to visit my friend and help him build the business with Antonio Martínez. The best decision I have ever made. It was difficult, yes, but not impossible.

Learned …

I learned that there are no excuses, you just have to provoke it and work at heart relationships.

We managed to impact 95 people, we traveled to Japan and in the same way we did it without any language, or company documentation, only speaking from the heart. That same month I close the rank of Regional Director.

It is my 12th month. A year of hard work, perseverance and working this business part time, only from 8:00 at night to 12:00 midnight.

In August 2018, it was my fourth (4) cruise and this time through Asia. Where we had the opportunity to make a convention in Korea and Japan. It was an incredible 14 days with the team of leaders of InCruises and the Corporate, whose events were provoked in one week.

Learned …

From this trip I learned that you do not have to personally meet someone in another country, that will come from your team. In addition, I also learned that you must be ready for when that happens, have the courage, the resources, and most of all, the leadership to continue impacting lives.

In September 2018, I qualify for an incredible Leadership position, International Director. This is the position where everything gets better, but the commitment goes up with my team.

Learned …

At this stage I had learned that teamwork is the most important thing. The business is not you, it is how many people you can help along the way.

I kept working and helping people on a personal and online level. All with love, respect and courage. At this time, multiple events and conventions began to be held in all countries.

In the month of January 2019, I reached the position of Executive Director. A position of respect and that only less than 5% of people reach within the industry.

A difficult start to the year, since that same month my daughter was hospitalized for a health condition, “thrombocytopenia”. Being next to my daughter all the time, I continued working from the hospital thanks to the platform and it is from the emergency room that I close this range.

Learned …

This experience taught me that there are no excuses for someone who wants to achieve something and achieves it despite their situations.

In June 2019, after being in and out of the hospital due to my daughter’s health condition, I managed to reach the Board of Director Rank. The highest position in the company. Right now, I become one of that 1% in the world to achieve 7 figures.

Learned …

I have learned a lot in the course of my growth and I want to share the following:


  • Great results require great responsibilities.Don’t accept excuses from anyone.

  • It is important to work as a team.

  • Help from the heart.

  • When you are genuine, everyone runs for your final goal.

  • Be grateful.

  • Celebrate every personal achievement of your team.

So far this year 2020, has been and will be historic. My daughter has improved a lot, I started conquering new markets, I have a business in 140 countries and growing more than 82,000 registrations. Thousands of people are benefiting from our Club, many already financially free and others growing professionally.

Today, Santiago Santiago makes history in the Network Marketing Industry, winning the hearts of the whole world for his charisma, loyalty, commitment and above all, for leading by example.

Santiago has become the greatest example of Leadership of the decade. All thanks to young leaders who have helped him to be better like Antonio Martínez, Jorge Torres, Agustín Bermejo and Julio Ayala. Thanks also to other leaders of his team like Orlando Orta, Aldo Lopéz and Sangwoo Lim.

If you have reached this point, we thank you for knowing this story and we leave you with one of the tips from Santiago Santiago:

Give love and love will return to you, seek a friend and help from the heart, but above all and most importantly, thank God every day of your life.

Many Blessings!


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