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Timeline Stories

Learned …

With this experience I learned that I am the one who must take charge of the business, that I am the one who has to lead and not depend on my upline.


In 1999, I had my highest results in the network marketing industry at a company called NSA. In this company, the leaders left me completely alone, forgotten, and never called me to tell me that they changed companies.

Learned …

There I learned to risk everything and bet on me, because I am the only one responsible for my success and that everyone told me not to.

Learned …

Thanks to my father I learned that to earn more money, I had to have my own business. That was the best teaching that my father gave me, but he forgot to tell me a detail and that is that he would always have to be a slave to the business to make it work. Over the course of those years, I learned to make strong decisions and bought my father’s company. Actually, it didn’t have to because I Managed it and the company was me. When buying the company, I had to pay my parents an incredible amount of money. I had to pay him $ 4,000 a month, each, for 7 years.


In 1997 my parents split up. That year was very strong because there I realized that I had worked all my life for free for my father. I understood why I had always looked for an opportunity to generate additional income and it was because I was the most who worked and there was no serious income.

Learned …

On this trip I realized that the best way to travel is on a Cruise.


In 1994, my first son Santiago V Santiago Cruz was born and a year later we took a cruise. It was our first cruise and one of the countries I visited was Venezuela.

Learned …

Back then I learned what the Educational System was, the importance of personal growth and the importance of relationships in business.


In 1993, I met the best billing company in the network marketing industry. Which I developed and worked with a lot of passion, but with few results.

Learned …

Working in the towers taught me how to make radical decisions, such as helping my family no matter how difficult the change is. Always put the family first and move on without excuses.